How (not) to apply for a job?

Some time ago I was responding to a job offer in a very different way I have done before. Although I knew it was unlikely it would go any further, I enjoyed writing it, as it felt the right thing to do at that time. So, ultimately I might have written this to myself, for my own pleasure, which should not be the way to do these kind of things, but sometimes one just wants to try something different.

Here goes the blog post, which I kept for private access only until today. In the end I started somewhere else for now, but it helped me figuring out a little bit better, what I really enjoy. And now, the blog post application:



this is the first time I am applying for a job to a Chief Happiness Officer. Well, it’s the first time I am applying for a job at Buffer, too. And actually it’s the first time I start a motivation letter by explaining that this is the first time…

My point is: It’s different.

I was looking forward to writing this application, since I saw @nicolesimon tweeting yesterday the following update.

Nicole Simon