Sharing Knowledge Sharing

A couple of months ago I wanted to explain in a few words to some of my colleagues what is behind that frightening term Knowledge Management. We tend to be afraid of things or people we don’t know, don’t we?

My audience was not only a quite sceptical one, but a very busy one and not too interested in „loosing“ time in some academically driven speech without any business approach. I mean really, did any KM concept sell any product yet? Or cut costs? If it would be business critical, wouldn’t Senior Management have already taken care of it and told us what to do?

Gartner Hype Cycle Version 2.0

Challenging would be quite an euphemistic way of describing my starting point and on top I needed to record the presentation on English to an international audience. Fortunately, I gathered some very interesting presentations on my slideshare channel during the last few years; Please take a look at the last slide with links to the original source of all slides I used.

Finally, there was no opportunity to share this with my colleagues and I decided to share it on my blog with those who might be interested in the topic and maybe share some more ideas with me.

Enjoy the „movie“ and an amusing German-Spanish British-American accent 😉


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