Surviving PowerPoint – Best of 2010

Best of 2010 – PART Three

It changed.

My life.

Well, at least my social media life did.

Since I left the world of consultancies, proposals, concept papers and nagging clients (why clients don’t get how great my ideas are?) to become a nagging client myself (why agencies don’t understand my great briefing?), I hardly had time or any inspiring idea for another post on this blog. Honestly, the reason why I started this blog in the first place was to enter the world of WordPress – I love it and I miss it behind the corporate firewall – and to entertain. Mainly myself. Sorry, dear occasional reader.

And what do you (I) do when you (I) want to resurrect your (my) blog? Exactly. Share a „Best of“ series of old stuff! Don’t they do the same on TV when they start searching their archives at the end of the year and sell their old stuff to a numb audience again and again?

Best of images 2010
Best of images 2010

After I started already with my Best of infographics and YouTube & Vimeo videos 2010, I will continue today with my favourite presentations. Number five was actually uploaded two years ago, but is still a great example of how to turn a boring PowerPoint presentation into a great story telling tool. All of them focus on social media, which might not surprise those of you, who know what I do for living. What makes these presentations my favourite ones? Basically the fact, that I collected them on my slideshare accountand I find it impossible to remember all those other ppt I have seen this year.

Actually, I would love to know what were your favourite ones in 2010. Go ahead and leave me a comment. Pleeeeeease. Anyone?

By the way, does this introduction sound familiar to you. It should…

Starting with number five: Employees are Social Media Marketers, Too! (they just don’t know it yet)

Followed by an excellent number four: Why Social Media?

Number three has a boring title and an entertaining content though: Ragan Social Media Governance

Second one on my list: What the F**k is Social Media NOW?

And the winner is: What if Peter Drucker Taught Enterprise 2.0 Strategy?

The best of 2010 chapters:

Bits and pieces – Best infographics 2010

YouTube & Friends – Best of 2010

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