Bits and pieces – Best infographics 2010

Best of 2010 – PART One

It changed.

My life.

Well, at least my social media life did.

Since I left the world of consultancies, proposals, concept papers and nagging clients (why clients don’t get how great my ideas are?) to become a nagging client myself (why agencies don’t understand my great briefing?), I hardly had time or any inspiring idea for another post on this blog. Honestly, the reason why I started this blog in the first place was to enter the world of WordPress – I love it and I miss it behind the corporate firewall – and to entertain. Mainly myself. Sorry, dear occasional reader.

And what do you (I) do when you (I) want to resurrect your (my) blog? Exactly. Publish a „Best of“ series! Don’t they do the same on TV when they start searching their archives at the end of the year and sell their old stuff  to a numb audience again and again?

Best of images 2010

Today I will start with my five favourite infographics (and comics) 2010.  What makes them my favourite ones? Basically the fact, that I collected them on my Posterous blog and I find it impossible to remember all those other infographics I have seen this year.

Actually, I would love to know what were your favourite ones in 2010. Go ahead and leave me a comment. Pleeeeease. Anyone?

Starting at number five… The business behind Facebook

At four… The path to 10 billion tweets

And number three… If web browsers were celebrities

Almost there. Number two… What your phone says about you

Finally, number one… Important big words.

The best of 2010 chapters:

YouTube & Friends – Best of 2010

Surviving PowerPoint – Best of 2010

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