Sharing – just another way of networking

Did you do it today? Yesterday? This week? If your answer is no, here goes my (free) advice to you. Join us and do it as often as possible.

Sharing information is an excellent way of using social media as a knowledge distribution tool. Thanks to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, we can tag and bookmark interesting articles, posts and videos – in one word: content. Those of us who spend several hours online daily can create a library for their team, themselves and everybody with similar interests.

Photo: Tommy Wong, „Curiosity“
Source: Some rights reserved.

Although networking is not a direct result of sharing information on this channel, it will indirectly attract the interest of your Twitter followers, blog and website visitors and even Facebook friends if you embed it into your already existing social media platforms. Learn how to combine your different communication platforms and add value for your community by sharing your opinion, views or information. Networking is a constant effort, an ongoing effort requiring content with value and conversational skills. Basically it requires one main skill: being social.

That is why you should take my advice seriously. Do it, and do it as often as possible. Don’t get rusty!

Our agency’s bookmarks can be found here. Be our guest!

Our top five from the last two weeks are:

How Social Engagement is Changing

Great illustration of what is happening in the Internet’s social community — how people are communicating, what is changing, and where people are doing the talking.

How Twitter and Facebook Make Us More Productive

Excellent article explaining why for knowledge workers charged with transforming ideas into products — whether gadgets, code, or even Wired articles — goofing off isn’t the enemy.

Create a CEO blog that works

Believe it or not, there are still companies out there who do not consider a CEO blog for leadership communication. This blog post explains four basic rules to follow, if you plan to add this channel into your corporate communications strategy.

The CMO’s guide to: The social landscape

This pdf provides a great matrix overview on some of the most used social media sites in terms of Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, Traffic and SEO.

Policy tool for the masses

So much talk about the risks of social media is not letting many companies understand the chances of social media until it will be too late for them. Social media policies should be a guideline for employees instead of a list of don’ts. Can a policy tool help you?

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